The Most and Least Expensive Cars to Insure

Save on InsuranceOne of the biggest problems in having auto insurance is the payment of premiums. Thus, different prices of auto insurance premiums vary from the model and prices of your car. Conscientious researches and authentic studies have revealed the most expensive car to cover with an auto insurance. Here is the list as well their annual premiums:

  1. Mercedes SL65 AMG ($3,500 annually)
  2. BMW 750i ($3,300 annually)
  3. BMW 750i ($3,200 annually)
  4. Mercedes SL63 AMG ($3,200 annually)
  5. Mercedes S65 AMG ($3,200 annually)


Here is the list of the least expensive cars to cover with auto insurance:

  1. Chrylser Town and Country (1,900 annually)
  2. Sienna 4 Cylinder (1,100 annually)
  3. Toyota Sienna LE (1,100 annually)
  4. Honda Odyssey LX (1,100 annually)
  5. Nissan Murrano SL (1,100 annually)


You can see that the expensive your car is, the expensive the premiums payments are. Take note that it is the insurance company who determines the price of the premium. When company sees you somewhat financially blessed, they tend to charge you with an expensive fees. However, you can also take part in reducing premium payments by availing discounts, dropping coverage you do not need, and most of all, by choosing automobiles that cost cheaper policy.