The Acts-of-God Coverage in Auto Insurance

save-insurance-nowWith the onslaught of devastating storms and natural disasters like the recent tornadoes in the South of US and the deadly tsunami that hit Japan, auto insurance issues arise. For one, it is in these disasters that people realize how much important car insurance is, and the other fact is that the “Act of God” coverage issue is under heat again.

In a disaster, it’s unfortunate to think of that 3 to 4 out of 5 people have never pre-insured their cars. This is a very gloomy statistical figure, owing to the expanse and gravity of damage that struck the different parts of the world. However, insurers themselves find it hard to work on their auto insurance, for some insurance providers do not answer for “acts of God” coverage.

In a nutshell, the “acts of God” auto insurance coverage is responsible to shoulder auto insurance repairs from natural calamities or disasters. But this can prove to be costly for most insurance providers. That’s why there are only few insurance companies that can give coverage for such occurrences.  The best way to avoid problems with this regard is to get a property from high ground and use it to park your auto when there are disasters. This can at least save you on further problems from your auto being destroyed.