Should Abortion Be a Health Insurance Issue?

House Republicans have recently begun talks that abortion should not be covered in exchanges created by the Obama Administration’s health care reform act. These legislators are working to ensure that persons wishing to have medically induced abortion as part of their insurance will need to purchase it separately. They believe that this should not be included as a benefit in the state- health care exchanges that will be required in 2014.

Health Insurance

People opposing this change have made the point that it is already covered in the current federal law. A Planned Parenthood representative also stated that over 80 percent of current health insurance policies cover it as well. Many in opposition state that it would be illogical to force women to buy separate insurance for this because it is never an expected occurrence.

Health Care Reform

People in support of making this bill an amendment to the health care reform want to ensure that taxpayer money would never be used to fund an abortion. Many believe that this action is being taken from a political stance, and is merely trying to be implemented using the health care system.