Save Insurance Costs California

save insuranceYou can only have one minor violation in order to qualify for a good driver discount in California.  Good driver insurance can get you a significant discount on your monthly premiums and is a very lucrative incentive to obey traffic laws and drive safely.

Insurance California

In order to get the discount in California you must be in possession of a valid driver’s license for a consecutive three year period, one minor point or less on your driver’s license and less than two property damage accidents.  The good driver discount is one of the many ways to save insurance costs by lowering those insurance premiums.

Insurance Discounts

Other discounts that you may want to consider or ask your insurance company about to see if they are offered or that you qualify are:

Alarm Discount

Lojack, Onstar or Teletrack Discount

Claim Free Discount

Good Student Discount

Insurance Costs

Along with those discounts; a great way to save insurance costs is to bundle your insurance.  If your insurance company offers other types of policies like home insurance, travel insurance, motorcycle insurance or health insurance, then try to bundle in their services for deeper discounts.