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One of the most known insurance companies in the US is AXA. It is a conglomeration of different insurance providers in one AXA Group, and is functioning with a wide international base partnered in different banks around the world. But in its home base in France, one can feel safe and secure in dealing with AXA.

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When it comes to ratings, the online quotes for car insurance on the internet never fail to come up with some ratings that can build up an insurance provider’s reputation, or reflect the real score on the insurance company’s system. But in the case of AXA, it wouldn’t be mere reputation propaganda to know that it has acquired all top marks in three out of four leading insurance company raters.

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Most of those insurance company ratings reviewers have named AXA as a stable insurance company. Currently, AXA holds the second spot in terms of assets that amounts to one trillion Euros. Japan comes next, superseded by Japan Post Insurance. Among the offerings of AXA Insurance includes property, casualty, marine, assets management, and aviation insurance provisions and policies.

Since AXA is visible at almost any point in the world, you can search for its partner banks in your country and visit that local bank for a price quote from their insurance or loan. But at some areas they operate by themselves, so you get to have lower premiums there.