Ohio University Makes a Controversial Decision

Reports coming out of Ohio are showing that a Catholic University is abandoning the healthcare system.  Because of the Catholic doctrines concerning birth control, the decision was clear for the University because the Obama healthcare program contains a mandatory contraception program.  Other reasons being stated for the decision by the Franciscan University is that the increase in costs caused by the health program would be too costly for its participants.  Costs for the health insurance program would double over the next two years and triple in the third year.  The University points to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as the direct cause of this increase.

Other colleges and universities which are closely tied to, backed or owned by Catholic interests are also expected to make their views clear.  Mike Hernon of, the Vice Pres. of the University announced a call to action in stating that Obamacare is forcing Catholics to choose between their health and their faith.