Mercury Umbrella Insurance Questions

mercury umbrella insuranceProtecting yourself with insurance can take a lot of policies.  There’s homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and even boat insurance, but many of these policies are capped on liability coverage and that is where umbrella insurance comes in to play.  Umbrella insurance was once for the well-to-do, the elite wealthy however, it has now become a necessity in this over-litigious society.

Mercury Umbrella Insurance

Mercury Umbrella insurance covers beyond what your other policies can not.  Umbrella insurance is structured to provide additional protection to the tune of one to five million of liability protection.  If you have liability insurance questions, the easy answer is that this portion of most insurance policies is what covers for expenses related to medical bills and even lost wages as well as any legal fees and defense attorney fees that may be required.

Standard Liability Insurance is Not Enough

Generally, standard liability, if a case goes to court or if injuries are extensive, will not be enough to cover the expenses. Umbrella insurance can also cover injury claims that homeowners liability insurance may not be able to cover. If someone is on your property and falls down the front steps, you may be found liable for all medical bills and even pain and suffering dollars if the case goes to court.

Adding Umbrella Insurance

Adding umbrella insurance can protect you from a lot of additional unforeseen costs that, if you are found at fault, are completely responsible for in most states.  Umbrella insurance can also be combined with travel insurance to give added protection while travelling overseas.