Mental Health and Medical Insurance

medical insurance mental healthMost group medical insurance policies will cover mental health, but each is different in how much they will cover.  Some will cover expenses dealing with addiction treatment and some will also include about 7 visits to a counselor.  However, mental health issues are often very expensive and the bills can be a bit unsettling when you find out that your medical insurance only covers 30,50 or 50 percent of the costs.

The big surprise is when you go to your general practitioner and they charge your for a mental health issue.  If you go in and talk to your doctor about anxiety or stress, well, that can be billed as a mental health charge.  It can be very upsetting to see that your doctor has charged you in this way, but it really all falls under the billing department.  There is often pressure from the billing department to charge correctly and very specifically.  However, if you feel that you are being unfairly charged for something being called mental health, then discuss it with your doctor and they may be able to record the treatment under another correct billing code that does not fall under mental health.