Medicare Mandates

Save Insurance

There has been a lot of worries and fears of what will happen if the Supreme Court rules against the mandate and quite possibly, the whole affordable care act that was presented by Barack Obama’s administration. According to reports and polls, the number of American citizens who don’t have health insurance went up from 15% in 2008 to 17% last year. So this means that the new private insurance system is failing to increase the number of insured people, but it is also increasing the number of uninsured people, which is a disaster.

The situation in the state of West Virginia is more stable, as the number of uninsured people is the same as last year at 18% of the residents. Despite this stability, but 18% of the population is uninsured is way above the standards and national numbers of the United States. In West Virginia there is another problem, especially for the insured citizens of the state. As the premiums of full family insurance is on the rise, noticeably. Citizens who first enrolled paid a total sum of 12,554 dollars three years ago, this number increased by 16% the next year, as the premium increased to 14,540 dollars. The employer picks up the 10,150 dollars of the cost, but this will lead to decreasing the wages over the course of time. This is not all, as it can also lead to the relocation of the factories that are located in West Virginia.

There are some hard decisions to be made every year. These choices include, increasing the employee copayments & deductibles due to the high charges of insurance. Another option is to increase property taxes or to cancel road maintenance, the sheriff, EMS and other programs of that sort. For small businesses, it is even harder, because they don’t have the ability to increase their yearly revenue by increasing taxes. As for big businesses and firms, they are simply moving out with their operations outside the U.S and they take in more premiums.

There is only one solution for this predicament; the solution is Medicare for everyone. Having one system with one payer will insure that no increase in costs will take place and it will have the ability to cover all the residents. This is why, the govt. should really examine and look into the Reid plan that aims to provide every one with Medicare and expand it exponentially. This plan was presented by Senator Harry Reid 3 years ago. He stated the possibility of an optional purchase for people who are 55-64 years who don’t yet have a private insurance policy. Responding to that, all of the hospital and physician accompanied by insurance lobbies refused it. Some of them had logical reasons, and some of them were just looking after themselves.