Major Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies have different coverage for every insurance policy in every state. The policy may vary in costs and as we get to pay higher premiums, we get greater benefits and insurance coverage. Not all companies that rates high premiums offer great insurance coverage. So it is important to bear in mind, the five major insurance liabilities necessary in taking out state auto insurance.

First is the Bodily Injury Liability which covers deaths and injuries caused during car accidents. The owner gets to recover medical and hospitalization costs and other benefits included. Second is the Personal Injury Protection that includes medical and hospitalization costs for passengers riding during the accident. Third is the Property Damage Liability which includes indemnification for cost of damages on properties as a result of the accident. It also includes costs for repair of the car and other related expenses as a result of the accident. Fourth is the Uninsured Motorist Protection which covers uninsured motorist like hit and run accident. It also includes claims you might have against a driver who have insufficient insurance protection. Fifth is the Collision Coverage. Under this type of insurance coverage, the company pays for your own vehicle in a collision accident with another vehicle or object. So basically it is important to know these liabilities before taking out an insurance policy so you can get the maximum on your auto insurance.