Insurance Goal for California Commissioner

Dave Jones, the Insurance Commissioner of the state of California made his top goal and target is to reform and make the fixes needed to the health care insurance system. He is pursuing to do what he can in order to stop the excessive increase in the rates of health insurance. In order to achieve that, he decided to support a ballot that would do just that. It is called the Insurance Rate Public Justification and Accountability Act.

He was asked about several things regarding this ballot and the health care system that was presented by Barack Obama’s administration. He first talked about the only way to aid the uninsured citizens of California, whose numbers are estimated to be six million uninsured resident. The solution for this is to simply carry out the Affordable Care Act that was presented by the federal govt. Besides that, insurance firms will have to cover everyone despite any existing conditions. This is because having everyone insured it will certainly help, because if this doesn’t occur, a lot of people who are uninsured will end up in the ER rooms, which is very costly.

He then started to talk about what will happen if the “Affordable Care Act” gets overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. He said that it is very early to predict what will happen and what will be the ruling of the Supreme Court. Barack Obama and his administration stated that this is the only plan they have, no backup plan. So in California, he and his administration are doing their best in order for everything to work in the way it should. He then started to talk about the ballot that he is supporting and backing, he said that he has been battling for 7 years in order for a legislation, but he always failed because that HMOs have tremendous influence in the Senate of the state. So he decided to go another way and get the support of the voters, and this is the reason behind his support for this measure that is expected to go on the ballot of November. He then continued and said that there are many states who give their commissioner the ability to refuse and prevent the increasing rates, a sum of thirty four states.

He was then asked about the opinions that say that in order for such law to be carried out; it will cost the state a lot of expensive fees and costs. He answered and said that the numbers that are estimated are exaggerated, and either way, these fees will not cost the regular taxpayer any more payments. This is due to the fact that these costs are going to be paid by the fees implemented on the insurance firms.