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There are many Insurance Companies all around United States. Because there are a lot, they each barely have their own unique services and that’s the reason why they compete with each other. Owners have their own ways to know where they are standing. But the most common way is looking for surveys and Insurance Company Ratings.

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Based on a Survey and review in one of the trusted website in the internet, one of the most subscribed Insurance Company is the American Family Insurance Company. Founded in 1927, American Family Insurance Company offers multiple insurance and financial product lines in all 18 states, and is actually the third largest insurer in the USA. However, even though there are many clients in their company, it is not an assurance that all are satisfied with the services they pay for. It is shown in the survey that only 38 % are between extremely satisfied and somewhat satisfied and 53 % which is more than half of the insurers are between unsatisfied and very unsatisfied.


This only shows that more than half of the people who answered the survey were not satisfied and less than half were satisfied. Unsatisfied clients say that there have been some unfair premium increases even though they were their client for many years. While on the other hand, satisfied clients say that they like the agents who handle them, and the services the company offers is satisfactory.