Importance of State Auto Insurance Laws

insurance for ladiesWhen you go from one state to another, you will notice that there are different ways that a state auto insurance policy is treated. It really depends on how the insurance policy is drafted, overall, adhering to auto insurance laws per state will be easy. The importance of adhering to state auto insurance laws is in the protection that it affords both to you, the driver as well as to property that could be damaged in the event of an accident.

Avoiding the police is not a legitimate way to circumvent state auto insurance laws.  While it is possible to go without insurance and continue to drive; if you are caught, the penalties could include jail time, your vehicle being impounded as well as severe monetary penalties.

An insurance policy generally carries over and is still valid in another state, and hence they can be used in whatever state around the US. So always bring your auto insurance papers wherever you go.  Not all states are on electronic registry systems, but many are working on that now.