How to Avoid the Tricks in Auto Insurance Policy

save insuranceSome auto insurance companies, despite their modernization, are still practicing a few tricks in order to wave their liability during a claim of loss. Here is one example of their tricks and how you can avoid it:

The Trick: the policy is so hard to understand. Auto insurance companies are taking advantage of it!

Have you tried reading your car insurance policy? No matter how educated or street smart you are, you could not translate a single phrase. You are left with nothing but their clear assurance that you will be paid whenever your car broke. But on the time that you are claiming for your loss, you will be amazed by how these insurers deny the payment on the ground that such cause of loss is excluded in the policy.


To avoid it, ask help from lawyers. Don’t worry. You don’t have to undergo the taxing procedures of litigation. You just have to seek the help from lawyers and ask them to help you understand the terms and conditions in the policy.

An auto insurance policy, like any other contract of insurance, is filled with legal jargons and phrases which only lawyers, of not insurance professionals, are familiar with. This is not done to trick applicants and automobile owners but because the Insurance Code itself has provided certain terms and phrases that have no equivalent translation in layman’s term.