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There are a few things these days that you just can’t live without.  One of those things is Health Insurance.  More and more we hear about situations where families are forced out of house and home just to try and pay for the hospital bills of a loved one.  The medical industry is a money making machine.  Surgeries, medicine, and drugs all cost thousands of dollars to purchase.  If you didn’t have medical insurance you would be in big trouble if you ever got seriously injured.  In order to protect the health of your family members and yourself, it is important to get Health Insurance.

Health Insurance

Right now, there are a lot of families in the United States that do not have medical insurance.  This has been a big priority in Washington right now as politicians are scrambling to pass some kind of health bill to ensure that every American will have access to Health insurance.  There are still a lot of problems with the bills that are trying to be passed, but soon they will probably agree on a bill of some sort and start insuring the country.  Until then, it is important to be prepared and find the best deals on individual health insurance policies.

Many jobs offer health insurance as part of their benefit packages.  These are great jobs to have as they provide a lot of personal security. Many jobs, however, don’t offer these same benefits and you are on your own to find health insurance.  If this is you, then there are few things you can do to avoid any pitfalls, and choose the right plan for you.


First of all, check the limitations on any policy that is placed before you.  See if you are covered only in certain situations or if you have full coverage no matter what the circumstances.  You will want to go through your policy very thoroughly so as to know all of your limitations.  The last thing you want to do is not know your limitations, get injured while traveling, and have to pay for it yourself.

Next, you should make sure you find out what their policies are on pre-existing medical conditions.  Hopefully you don’t have these, as many health insurance companies will usually charge you a lot or not be willing to extend coverage at all.  Make sure that whatever policy you get covers your pre-existing condition and that you can afford the premiums to cover the insurance.

Last of all, check to make sure that you find out what their policy is on prescription drugs.  Make sure your drugs are covered in the police, and find out what your co pay will be.