Health Insurance and Pregnant Women

maternity insurance for pregnant mothers

Finding insurance for pregnant women has increased in difficulty this year.  With so many changes to insurance policies because of health care reform, many women are finding that there is no easy way to find maternity insurance.  Individual health insurance plans won’t help either, because they do not cover maternity costs.  Medicaid, for pregnant mothers in many states is the only option for helping to cover the costs of maternity and post natal services.

Doctors appointments, changes in diet, vitamins and medicines will cost a lot and those expenses can be covered either out of pocket or through government sponsored health care like Medicaid.  Group insurance is an option, some still carry maternity insurance.  Group insurance is normally received as a benefit through employment with a company that has group insurance.

Maternity insurance is extremely expensive even if you do find it.  Sadly, many women have to rely on the law that emergency rooms cannot refuse service to someone because they do not have a means to pay or have health insurance.  It is illegal for them to turn a patient away because of their financial status.