Flood Insurance Redrawn Flood Maps

Recently FEMA has been redrawing the maps of flood prone areas across the country. While some states have already received the new and updated versions, others are still awaiting the results. For property owners in central Kentucky the new maps may mean savings for some, but higher costs for others.

The maps have not been changed in many decades and with new technology the maps will now be more accurate. While some people will no longer need to purchase flood insurance, others will likely be required to purchase it by their home insurance companies. In Clarke county Kentucky around 400 houses are likely to no longer need flood insurance.

However around 200 additional houses in the same county who previously did not have flood insurance will be required to purchase it. If this is the case for homeowners it is a smart idea to purchase the flood insurance now. This way the plan will be grandfathered at the current cost once the new maps go into effect, saving hundreds of dollars a year.