Comparison Websites

One of the leading websites that offer comparisons between different insurance policies for excess insurance for cars, Moneymaxim has yet represented the famous comparison tool of theirs. was first launched 4 years ago in 2008. It is owned by Mark Bower

On the 17th of May, they launched the comparison feature tool that compares between the car hire insurance accompanied by many new features and options. These features include the insurers’ ability to save 20 percent from the normal car insurance policies. This re-launch of this feature and the new version of the website give the users and the people who rent cares the ability to locate the most suitable car hire insurance policy, wherever they are decide to go. The new feature makes the user choose the country he is planning to go to and the website would give them a list of the most suitable insurance policies available at the country they are going to.

This is very helpful because many people don’t know the definitions and the different features of the insurance policies in Europe, so this feature would help them find the best insurance rates that would over their rent car in the way that fits them. It also works for people who live in the United Kingdom and they have friends or relatives who are coming to visit, so finding the suitable insurance policies for them in the UK would be very helpful. This is due to the fact that there are several features in different policies that are only applied on the people who don’t live in the United Kingdom.

This new feature at Moneymaxim also gives the users the details and the information that they need about more liability coverings, such as misfuelling and lost key, this way all the features of an insurance policy is covered. So the insurers can easily compare different insurance policies by knowing all the details and the information about each policy. Also, all the policies available on Moneymaxim cover any kind of damage to the wheels, glass, roof and wheels of the rented cars, which isn’t available in all of the policies that it offered by most firms. The website also gives the users the ability to compare and search for both kinds of insurance, either its full collision and liability or excess hire insurance policies. This is very helpful as it supplies the users with all the available options that can be found on the market so the user can pick the type of insurance and the insurance policy that will satisfy his needs.