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Save on Health Insurance

save on health insuranceHealth insurance is simply something available to people to provide protection against a large amount of medical expenses. Health insurance can provide protection to those who purchase it, and also get the proper care and attention that they need. Some people are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides a benefit such as health insurance.

If people are unemployed or do not have the financial means to have health insurance, they can apply o get help from the state. There are certain financial criteria that the state follows; there are different levels of help that the state can provide for individuals and also families. Normally with insurance, there is a contract between the insurance company and the person purchasing it.

Once someone has insurance terms that they should be aware of are: premium, deductible, exclusions, co payments, and out of pocket expenses. It is never a good idea to go into something blind, the same goes with insurance companies. When someone is not well informed, they can get themselves into something that may not be what they are really looking for.


Health Insurance and Pregnant Women

maternity insurance for pregnant mothers

Finding insurance for pregnant women has increased in difficulty this year.  With so many changes to insurance policies because of health care reform, many women are finding that there is no easy way to find maternity insurance.  Individual health insurance plans won’t help either, because they do not cover maternity costs.  Medicaid, for pregnant mothers in many states is the only option for helping to cover the costs of maternity and post natal services.

Doctors appointments, changes in diet, vitamins and medicines will cost a lot and those expenses can be covered either out of pocket or through government sponsored health care like Medicaid.  Group insurance is an option, some still carry maternity insurance.  Group insurance is normally received as a benefit through employment with a company that has group insurance.

Maternity insurance is extremely expensive even if you do find it.  Sadly, many women have to rely on the law that emergency rooms cannot refuse service to someone because they do not have a means to pay or have health insurance.  It is illegal for them to turn a patient away because of their financial status.


Health Care Reform Bill States Opt Out?

President Obama has recently agreed to allow an amendment in his famous health care reform bill. The amendment will allow states to decide whether or not to pull out of some of the law’s requirements three years prior to the original date of 2017. This amendment comes with some additional stipulations.

These stipulations include, that the new option provides an equal amount of coverage for as many people as the original would as well as not exceeding the original cost. The agreement to this amendment came as state Govenors and newly elected Republicans made a fuss about the current law the reform mandated.

The amendment was pushed by both Republicans and Democrats and is backed by R-Scott Brown of Massachusetts, D-Ron Wyden of Oregon and D-Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana. It will allow states to decide earlier to opt out of different mandates if they are able to provide similar coverage at similar cost.

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