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Car InsuranceEvery company wants to know what their standing against other companies is. In knowing where you stand, you will know if you need to do better when you buy car insurance online or if their services and products are enough for the industry standards. This is why a lot of companies always check on their insurance company ratings, reviews, and surveys gathered by reliable sources.

Based on a survey, insurance companies that let  their customers buy car insurance online have the highest level of subscribers compared to the other insurance like home, health, life and some others. Of the people who took the survey, the car insurance exceeds more than two thousand numbers of subscribers compared to the next high rating which is home insurance. The rating also shows that the insurers of car insurance are extremely satisfied with the services of the companies they have chosen. While home insurance, life insurance and health insurance fall under unsatisfied and somewhat satisfied. This only shows that the services of these insurance companies do not really satisfy the needs of their clients.

Auto Insurance has a large clientele base because it is legally required in one of the largest auto market country in the world: the US.   They also have high satisfied number of clients because these clients buy car insurance online and have experienced that their Auto Insurance Company can protect and have protected them from losses and lawsuits.