Cars and Boats Insurance

cars and boatsCars and Boats Insurance

Recent studies have shown that the top three most insured vehicles are cars, boats and RVs.  Cars and boats insurance happen to be the most profitable area in vehicle insurance with RVs making up nearly 25% of all vehicle’s insured on premium pricing alone.  RV insurance is one of the most expensive of all vehicle insurance when excluding long haul trucking vehicles, which has its own category of insurance.

Cars and boats make up the greater portion of heavy usage vehicles, cars are obvious, just take a look at the traffic jams, but boats being ranked 2nd has come to a surprise to many.  The figures for boat insurance are proportionate to the amount of bodies of water and increase greatly when near oceans or lakes.  The fourth ranked vehicles are ATVs, Jet Skis and Snowmobiles.

Recently, ATV purchases in insurance have gone up along with motorcycles.  Motorcycle insurance figures were showing a huge spike in new purchases of motorcycle insurance polices over the past eight months.