Best Rated Life Insurance Companies

best insurance quotesIf you are to insure something first off, then it better be your health or yourself. Just imagine how hazardous life is out there. Life is not worth risking if there are options to save it, just like life insurance. Since there are more things worth for your life than wasting it, then applying for life insurance is something to be done first.

In the US, where insurance is required in some aspects of the law, there are several life insurance providers you must note. MetLife, Prudential Financial, and New York Financial are all rated A++, superior enough to be in the top three of the list.    Metropolitan Life, or MetLife, is a conglomeration of not only insurance services but of credit as well. Four different rating websites have unanimously named it as one of the top life insurance providers. The same goes for Prudential Financial and New York, which all has gained A’s on three out of four raters as well.

Other more insurance companies belonging to this circle is New England Life Insurance, American General Insurance (an affiliate of the bigger AIG group), and several more of MetLife’s subsidiaries. Currently, MetLife has the largest assets in all of life-insurance providers in the US with $289.5 Billion.