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Procuring car insurance is one risk-saving way that people usually adhere to in protecting their investments and financial security. In this contract, the car insurer undertakes to indemnify the owner of the vehicle from loss, damage or injury arising out from an unknown or contingent event. In exchange for such indemnification, the owner of the car pays the a “premium”. In other words, there is an agreement between the car owner and the car insurer that, in exchange for premium payments, the insurer will pay the owner of the insured property in case of any loss or damage suffered by the car. The best insurance, when it relates to car insurance, is known as full coverage. This insurance policy is the best insurance for cars because it covers a number of contingencies; far more than just liability insurance, which is often the minimum required by State.

Car Insurance Contract

The actual car insurance contract is called the “policy”. In this policy, the terms and conditions between the contracting parties (car insurer and car owner) are laid down. Usually, it is the car insurer who makes the policy and it is only up for the car owner to accept or reject the policy. If he rejects, of course, there would be no car insurance contract existing between the insurer and the owner. On the other hand, if the owner accepts the policy, the forces of law will bind the parties, and each party must comply in accordance to what is stipulated in the policy.