Best Buy for Business Protection Plans are an A+

Best Buy has offered their payment protection plans for years and it is unfortunate that more people do not take advantage of it.  It is almost built in to the sales transaction where the consumer automatically says no to anything being offered at the register.

Best Buy for Business

However, for the price, Best Buy has a great protection plan that can ultimately save their customer a lot of money should something happen to the item.  Sure, Best Buy will offer you a protection plan on a $20.00 blender, and maybe you would not get that one, however, if you have just purchased a computer then you may want to consider it.

Protection Plan

There is a lot that can happen from the store to the car or the car to your house. If you decided against that protection plan, then you are basically not covered for anything that happens to that product. The protection plans that work out the best are the ones that they offer on their cell phone purchases.

Protection Plan Insurance

There is a particular protection plan that will cover theft as well as any damages that occur. It can in many cases be a lot cheaper than the one that the cell phone company offers. Not so much in the monthly fee, but if you were to damage your phone, there is no deductible required with the Best Buy Protection Plan.