Baldwin and Welsh & Parker Insurance Agencies

Looking for the perfect Insurance agency is not as simple as strolling in the park. It is one of the many important and difficult things you get to protect your houses, cars and other properties. Shopping alone might not lead you to finding the best insurance company, so it is just best to have some help from the experts.

Baldwin and Welsh & Parker Insurance Agencies is just the firm of experts you need. They will assist you in finding the perfect insurance company that will satisfy your needs. They consist of staff proven to be professionals who are committed to provide clients with highly organized services. The insurance companies that they represent are many of the highest rated companies. It includes OneBeacon Insurance Company, Central Mutual Insurance Company, Andover Companies, Guard Insurance Group, Merchants Mutual Insurance Company and many more. Their homeowner’s insurance coverage covers your home, its contents, and other structures like shed or your garage. Personal Properties are covered against theft, fire, smoke, damage caused by aircraft or vehicle, damage from falling objects, or natural disasters like hail, storms or windstorms.

Their company serves the states and towns of Massachusetts, Bolton, Boston, Burlington, Concord, Maynard, Lincoln and many other towns.