American International Group Insurance Companies

Regarded as one of the largest insurers in the US, and considerably in the whole world as it was greatly affected by the recent economic recession, the American International Group still stands as one of America’s most trusted and reliable insurance provider. With over billions of assets and net worth, nobody can really tell when there will be a stop to the growth and progression of AIG.

The AIG International operates on different countries and is mainly centered on the financial business. They have affiliates doing their insurance work on several countries. Most recently, they have recognized Chartis in Europe to be their foremost insurance provider and has revamped its management to make Chartis AIG’s frontrunner in property and casualty insurance business. This comes with auto insurance, home insurance, and personal umbrella insurance.

When you are to acquire an insurance policy from any AIG affiliates or from Chartis branches worldwide, you need to seek out their local offices nearest you. There you can ask insurance advisors from AIG directly and to help assess and give you a free estimate of what your premiums can be.  But as they are the big boys in the insurance company, never fail to be consistent in payments so as not to have any trouble in dealing with them.