Age 25 and Married

Save Insurance Auto InsuranceMarried policyholders aged 25 years of age get more discounts than singles. Auto insurance companies will count your age and civil status into the calculation of risk factors. You cannot shake insurers off the widely-held impression that teenage drivers are the least equipped with driving experience but the most supplied with adrenalin. The mismatch often results in vehicular crashes which accounts for the leading cause of male teenage deaths in the U.S.

Hertz rent-a-car company is right. It lends out its car fleet to customers 25 years of age and up. It has been scientifically proven that the human brain comes to full development on or before age 25. That means, Hertz as much as insurers want levelheaded and conscientiously responsible individuals behind the wheels.

Being married will up your discount points. A married policyholder works for a living to pay the bills or raise his family. It is an indicator of responsibility. Moreover, it is a proof of the holder’s financial capability to pay the premiums.

Of course, couples get their spouse covered. But sometimes, one of the spouses applying has a bad driving record that doesn’t sit well with insurers. If the spouse has a bad record and you have a good one, put her as your secondary driver and that beats the obstruction to getting your couple’s discount.